NOTE:  The former director (Xiaodong "Frank" Hu) of Lakenest Australia Pty Ltd (ACN 602 206 477)  is no longer reachable through this domain.



NOTE: The former co-Director of Visa Station International (Andrew Sackl AKA Andrew James Sackl AKA James Sackl AKA James Saccle AKA James Schwarzesonne) is also no longer reachable through this domain;  from 2020 it is believed this person is using his mothers maidan name, AKA James Saunders)


His wife (Yitong "Alina" Tang)  AKA Alina Sackl AKA Alina Tang, replaced him as CEO of Ad Astra. just prior to liquidation.   Alternative contacts are: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; )

@jamessackl    (insta)

@sackljames    (insta)

@karma3_aus  (insta)

Punk Jobs / Dynasty Global / Student Group (2013):

Migration (2014):

Migration (2017):

Ad Asta Institute (2018):

Karma 3 (2019):

(2020):    (NOTE: James brother-in-law is Martin Pike, who is engaged to James sister Brigetta Sackl, and is current COO of Karma3 and is said to become psuedo CEO / proxy CEO of Karama3)

NOTE:  Karma 3 Upcycling Pty Ltd is a seperare company also owned by Mr. Sackl; as well as Kaema 3.    As of JAN 2020, Karma 3 Upcycling is in liquidation

SBS Interview - Ad Asta CEO Andrew James
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